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Fair Trade Teas

Stassen Natural Foods, Ltd., a subsidiary of Stassen Sri Lanka, supplies approximately 500 metric tons of Organic Fair-traded teas per year, 200 metric tons to the US alone, through its US representative/importer, SNA Tea Company.

As the North American importer, SNA Tea Company will be responsible for payment of the fair trade premium, and will be signatory for the Trans Fair USA Fair Trade Importer Agreement/Licensing for US importation.

Fair Trade Certified products constitute a rapidly growing market in the US, as more and more consumers find out about the benefits for producers in developing nations. When consumers see the Fair Trade Certified label on their tea, they know that the producers earned a fair wage and enjoyed decent working and living conditions.

Besides these guarantees, consumers know that a special premium goes directly back to democratically-organized workers' organizations to fund community development projects. Past projects have included creating a scholarship fund for workers' children, building a health clinic, and funding a micro credit scheme for workers to start their own businesses. In this way Fair Trade guarantees adherence to basic labor standards and provides extra income to improve the lives of estate workers.


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